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Welcome to Indian Institute of Education

Indian Institute of Education helps the untrained teachers to be trained teachers by which they will be able to know about child & adolescent psychology and various functions of quality teaching to make a strong country as well Good Nation. Teacher is the Back Bone of the Society. In this regard, we retrospect these lines:

Good Teachers make Good Schools,
Good Schools make Good Students,
Good Students make Good Citizens,
Good Citizens make Good Nation.

B.Ed & D.El.Ed Courses are now a very popular term among the students as those are only the way through where one can definitely reach to the goal without any deviation. For the shake of the students and also for the gradually in creasing demand of the present era, we have felt the deepness of the subject. As a result of this specially for the sake of the native students of Howrah and its surroundings. This place is till date untouched from the bad affects of the passage of time. We most heartily welcome the students who are needy and desirous for education. By taking our proper guidance and latest methodology of teaching technique they can easily digest it and by it they can lighten their future career. We have the perfect infrastructure and hospitability moreover a perfect and ideal environment for taking a Composite College (B.Ed & D.El.Ed).

So ANKUR EDUCATIONAL AND WELFARE TRUST (A Govt. regd.TRUST) has decided to make a Composite College (B.Ed & D.El.Ed) named Indian Institute of Education by which those students who can avail the opportunity of the same. This trust also has planned to make academic, vocational & distance education system to help the major portion of students.

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